Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Possible Dreams – The Winner


henry art 001 Good Dreams – Treasure Hunting




Thank you all SO much for taking the time to tell us all about your dreams in my Build A Bridge post.  You shared with us the good, the bad and the ugly. For you all, I wish only good things...always and in all ways.

Georgie found it very hard to pick a winner - KJ's story of Henry the lion is beyond delightful and having her very own Henry, it made KJ's dream extra special to her.

Lola's awful dream had us shuddering in horror and to chase it away for good, Henry said he would like to send a matted and signed print of ‘Moondancer’ for the adorable Mr. E.

Perhaps lovely Holly's wise words will also give Lola some comfort. ‘The Mare said to the Night, "This galaxy is my pasture; no harm comes to those who love and dream. I wait and watch over them." Thank you, Holly, for that wonderful thought.

Maternal astuteness helped the little Miranda get over her nasty encounter with Mr Blobby Green. Now that Miranda is a mother herself, she too will be there to help her little one get over any horrid imaginings.

Elizabeth is spot on when she says that dreams can be used to inspire creativity – which is exactly how Miranda’s Mama helped her find the better side of Mr. Blobbly Green!

Linda Sue's potentially awful dream brought out the heroine in her – she determinedly saved all the puppies despite the difficulty of the task. Although exhausted, she was triumphant in the end! Linda Sue, thank you for sharing that with us – it’s certainly a lesson in how to succeed no matter how tough the goal may be. Thank you, too, for offering to donate to Possible Dreams International in order to help those gracious and gentle people of Swaziland. Dr. Maithri has a PayPal button on the sidebar of his Soaring Impulse blog especially for contributions to PDI. Big grateful hugs to you, very dear friend!

Michele really turned her nightmare around by finding something truly positive in what would be a deeply horrible situation. Yes! As families, we are inextricably linked and even if it means going to hell and back, at the very least we have them right there by our side.

Carol faced the demon wild man who was intent on hi-jacking her aspirations – she stared right back and POOF, he vanished! How wise you are, Carol, to have understood and interpreted your nightmare and by doing so, realised that you ARE good enough to tackle even the most challenging undertaking. Sending you bucketfuls of good luck and best wishes!

Beth, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. It’s true that dreams of loved ones long departed can be a little disconcerting and unsettling but as you say, at least we get a glimpse. It’s good that they are not forgotten and those glimpses can be inspirational, especially if they come when things are not easy.

Karen, Polly, Monica, Renee, Mr. Cuban, Amy, Fay and Prashant – thank you very much for taking the time to visit and for your heart-warming comments. It is always wonderful to ‘see’ you. Maithri, you know this already….you are our hero.

In the end, Georgie decided that Linda's resolute approach in facing her nightmare...and learning from it...was the best lesson of all. As Linda says 'I know I don't have the answers to life's most difficult questions, but now I know I don't need to know...I just need to be willing to ask.'  Absolutely! Linda, you are a shining star - thank you. £100 is on it's way….in your Possible Dreams International. ‘Moondancer’ is also galloping over to you there in beautiful Sonoma County as we speak!

As promised, Georgie is also sending £100 on Henry's behalf to Possible Dreams.

Most of all, I want to thank you all for reaching out to build those metaphorical bridges. Dr. Maithri says it far better than I ever could -”You have brought deep and tangible hope into the lives of so many whose voices have been forgotten by a complacent word……..action is the true heart of love.”


Again, thank you all so much. Love you to bits and pieces - you really do rock my world!  If you haven’t already got it, this award goes to you…..and you….and you!  Wear it on your sidebar with my love.

(**Between manic house-hunting and visits to various Doctors all over the country, life is crazy-bonkers at the moment so please forgive me for not having visited your wonderful blogs lately.  I’ll be back real soon!**)


Holly said...

Oh well done, all! I'm so happy the Mare has found homes to be happy in. And, to all, remember nightmares are dreams waiting to be reclaimed!

Tessa, to you most particularly, I wrote that story...the Mare does watch over you and all your days and nights.

Rosaria Williams said...

How did I miss the previous post? It goes to show that if you stay away even for a few days, you can miss a whole party. I hope your house-hunting is going well.

L'Adelaide said...

dear tessa, I almost dropped my cuppa all over the keyboard when I read I had won!! I am thrilled and deeply touched to have been heard and honored for my humble offerings...and that the offering to Possible Dreams is going in my name... a gift I could not give myself just now....

such a lovely, sweet painting ... it's message means many things to me but in looking at her this morning, after weeks of illness, she simply cheers my heart and reminds me that, tho we do not feel each others arms about our shoulders nor hear our lilting voices speaking our words, they are heard just the same and the connection of the heart is made...

like a garland around the whole world, we are linked by love.

Linda Sue said...

Tessa- that was really lovely all the way around! And I thank you for the opportunity to give to those who not only need it but will use it best. I bought two goats one time - the heffer project- but was dissapointed to learn that the money did not get spent in the way intended. Never know- best intentions, and all...So , Thank you again- Be well!
LOVE xxxoooo

Caroline said...

Wonderful idea - congrats to the winner. Happy househunting Tessa!

Nishant said...

I thank you for the opportunity to give to those who not only need it but will use it best.
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Carol said...

A well deserving winner!! I'm sure the Mare will be very happy in her new home :-)

Thank you for my bucketfuls of good luck!! I enrol next week so officially start the week after *gulp*

C x

Maithri said...

You are my hero.

In more ways than you will ever know beautiful Tessa.

As I've told you before...

I bless the day i learnt your name.

As do the beautiful people of Swaziland,

All my love to you and all the givers, M

A Cuban In London said...

Thanks to you and welcome back.

Greetings from London.

Lori ann said...

That is such a cute picture Tessa. I love the children's art. And such a lovely idea you had. I second what Lakeviewer said! Where have I been??

Zoom said...

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