Saturday 22 May 2010

IF - Early


This is for Guy, Georgina and Alexandra. 

With all the love in the world.


Early Light - Holkham, Norfolk 2010 001

Carpe Diem

- Holkham Beach, Norfolk 2010


She sat there and looked until the light began to fade and then slowly she felt the pieces of her life fall away gently and suddenly she understood what it meant and she sat there for a long time crying and laughing all at the same time.

I want to convince myself that I must learn to make every act count since I’m going to be here for only a short while - in fact, too short for witnessing all the marvels of it.  But, believe me, I am so very happy and so deeply grateful for the myriad of marvels I have witnessed and will continue to witness until the time comes.  And then.....well, who knows?


Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

That's what life asks of us, isn't it ... to bask in its splendor for a moment ... and that's all we have really ... but a moment.

So poignant Tessa, and such a good reminder for us all.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

So much love here.
I can only imagine that the marvels we have witnessed shall pale in the face of the marvels to come.
Sending you my love.
Edward's, too.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture. I love your blog - very interesting and inspiring - am now a follower!

kj said...


this is stunning.

you are stunning.

i thought of you this morning. as with renee, i often do. who you are and what you do is all the wisdom and the love in the world gently sitting in a thimble. does that make sense?

god has given you many talents. (
s)he has given you the wisdom to know that is so. how much time? not enough. not nearly enough.

but until then, you make the sky shine. i am honored to know you, tessa. you make me proud.

i love you truly.

Silke Powers said...

You are an amazing woman, Tessa! And so beautiful!! And talented and insightful. And inspiring!! Much love to you! Silke

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a post, Tessa! A powerful and thought provoking read. I Love the painting. You are such a wonderful, caring and talented person and I'm so pleased to know you, even though we haven't actually met, yet.

This came to mind:
We do not choose our beginning. We do not choose our end, but in the moments in between, we choose who we are and how we will be remembered. Tsotsi.

Eleonora Baldwin said...

I am covered in chills.
Tessa, this is beautiful, inspiring and full of love and light, but I can't help reading anguish, fear and melancholy between the lines.

Please allow me to email you. If and only if you feel like it, you can reply.

Ciao my trusted friend,

Dana S. Whitney said...

Fabulous commentary and beautiful painting.

Natalie said...

Tessa, I have deleted my FB account for a while. I send you my love and i will try to make you laugh here instead. :) :D
Thanks for the picture, the kids loved it. ♥

Anonymous said...

Tessa, love you all bundled up on the (presumably) chilly Norfolk beach.

I'm a bit teary as I write
yes you must confound medical people all over the place.......

I, who am not at all religious, remembers a little tag

this is the day that the lord hath made
rejoice and be glad in it

we must rejoice a lot and be very very glad

much love
and a warm welcome for you always in New York

Lori ann said...

your painting is so beautiful and your words so fragile, but sure at the same time.
I am so sad. I just want to believe everythings okay. Even when it's not.
Life is not fair.
Love you Tessa,

Linda Sue said...

TESSA My BESSA- Your painting is soothing, lovely, calm and ethereal- Just like you! LOVE the photo so much- adding it to my screen saver and i can gaze upon your splendor all the time.
I printed out the elephant and the Cheetah, They look so promising- fun- colourful- Can't wait to get stuck in.
We are all on borrowed time- just renting these bodies to haul us around, one never knows and there are is splendid and beautiful- it is what you make it and yours is particularly splendid! LOVE love LOVExxxooo

Madame DeFarge said...

Lovely picture to match the words as always. Very inspiring.

L'Adelaide said...

tessa darling, you have me worried with these words...

and this is a beautiful post with a breathtaking painting...i don't think that is you, is it?

i did not know breathtaking was all ONE words, weird isn't is weird and one doesn't even notice most of the time until we have to stop and get out of the way to see-illness does that to us, stops us good, and so, i bless you with happy and well-being if not health as you journey forth on your path....continue to paint if you can, even tho it's hard-at least for me its hard, i am always so tired but my art journal suffices for now mehopes.......mehopes is not one word *grins*
much love, friend of my ♥

Angela said...

Yes, we have to accept that our lives are limited. So hard when it was so good. Every day is special, even the dreary ones. And when it closes, we can look back and say, how wonderful that I was part of it.
I am still hoping for your visit, Tessa. You have become one of my blog family. I would like to look you in the eyes and see your smile.

Tessa said...

Wonderful, wonderful bloggy pals..please don't be sad and blue. This life is a celebration and you guys make it even better - so big hugs and huge thank yous for your encouraging and inspiring and heartwarming words. Each and every one of you are chocolate buttons of LOVELINESS on the great caramel pudding of LIFE! Seriously, it is people like you who make every day worthwhile. xxx

Unknown said...

beautiful, amazing, wonderful and an inspiration. much, much love and huge hugs xxx

Bee said...

When I look at that divinely beautiful picture of the artist at sunrise I feel guilty about my long lie-in this morning. How I waste the hours, despite my best intentions not to.

To feel such an love of life, and everyone in it, is not a bad silver lining . . . but I would much prefer you to have many long years in this place. Sending all warm, affectionate thoughts your way, dear Tessa.

Caroline said...

Beautiful painting and photo - sending more positive thoughts your way, Tessa.