Monday 25 August 2008

On China Blue

On china blue my lobster red
Precedes my cutlet brown,
With which my salad green is sped
By yellow Chablis down.
Lord, if good living be no sin,
But innocent delight,
O polarize these hues within
To one eupeptic white.
Sir Stephen Gaselee, On China Blue (1938)

A palette for your palate! A unique cookbook created by artists for artists...and for those of us who love good food. Filled with beautiful paintings, collage and fine art photography, this wonderful cookbook will delight all the senses. The recipes it contains are as eclectic and delectable as the paintings that illustrate them. It also serves to introduce the ACEO movement - an art genre that has taken the international market by storm. If you love art, adore fine food and all things culinary.....this book is a MUST!

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Sheila Vaughan said...

Tessa, what a terrific blog! I didn't realise you had created this. It is so exciting and innovative and colourful. Your paintings shine out wonderful as always!