Wednesday, 10 December 2008


I long for that feeling of being stunned, like when you emerge from a cool, darkened house into the light of Africa at noon. Blinded by it, made dizzy, as though you have taken a blow to the side of the head. Like stepping onto another planet where one breathes the air in splendid colours. I want to see the magnificent blue gold sweep of the Serengeti. I want to look up at the snow-capped, dragon toothed crags of The Mountains of The Moon and across to the prismatic jewels that are the Kabarole crater lakes set deep in the contours of plunging emerald valleys…..

Eeep! Enough of the snivelling homesickness – back to reality!

I was gazing dreamily out the window this morning, trying to admire the bucolic views and mentally re-arranging the cows in the field opposite when it suddenly occurred to me that I needed a good dose of the bright lights and a big, artsy city. With this in mind, I turned to my husband - who was deeply engrossed in his granny-knicker-pink newspaper - and bellowed in my best operatic Freddy Mercury impersonation ‘BARCEL – ONA!’ Far from being impressed by his lovely wife’s wondrous tonal control, he leapt 30 feet into the air, threw his coffee across the room, scowled ferociously at me and muttered crossly that I’d ruined his favourite tie.

Humpf. So much for my morning. How has yours been?


Irene said...

Not nearly as operatic as yours. I suddenly felt the need to go to ergo therapy, well, I actually do every Wednesday and it was a joy as usual. Much was learned and digested. i will become a smart woman yet.

Anonymous said...

I'm sitting in the sunshine that streams in through my living room windows fooling me for a moment that it's not -5C and icy out. Although, the big blue skies are a pleasure.

Unknown said...

So he reads the FT does he? :-)

My morning was mostly spent wishing the wretched south-easter would stop howling - and that was inbetween other sorts of procrastination. I'm thinking a PhD in Procrastination might need to be the next thing I explore. That or Guinea Fowl husbandry...

Sarah Laurence said...

The first thing I thought of was the Serengeti when I saw your painting. You really capture the sense of big open space.

I'm enjoying a morning of catch up time after 2 weeks of busy travel Wednesdays. I still didn't make it through all I needed to do, but at least I had fun not doing it.

Antler said...

Oh for Africa.....and my other half says Oh for Australia....and so the circle goes on!

I would like to be in Natal, late afternoon sitting outside a thatched rondavel, beer in hand high above a valley - looking towards the mountains - Cathedral Peak in the distance - wattles in bloom - haze of warmth rizing from the valley bottom, along with the voices of workers returning from a day with the cattle......the smell of dust, warmth, pollen, cows and Africa heady like the effect of the beer....insects dashing about the insect business that intensifies as the light changes......Ah Africa - my bit and your bit......

And home - freezing cold with lighted fires and a glass of wine....not all bad - if a tad dark!

Antler said...

Well....the wine got to my spelling!!!!!!

A rizing rondavel indeed......lets go with rising rondaavel shall we.......

I told you it was dark in here - the light has gone out in the brain too!!!

david mcmahon said...

That's beautiful. Love the images especially.

Debra Keirce said...

Tessa - Only YOU can make being blinded and dizzy sound wonderful!

karen said...

gorgeous pics! ireally think Light or the lack thereof was the reason why i couldn't stick out living in the UK and got sooo Africa-sick(the lightless winters couldn't make up for the extra light in summer... So, I just came back and never left!

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

Hi Tessa. How lovely to find your blog through David's. I used to live in Hampshire and two of my sons are at uni there.
Love the paintings. I too am a painter, writer and photographer so we have a lot in common! I love the vibrancy of your work, the colours are bright and complimentary.
My morning? It's been okay. Paperwork, hoovering and getting some lovely earrings re-fastened by the jeweller. So. Good thanks.

Renee said...

Tessa: I love reading so much what you write.

For example your first part reads like poetry.

Your second part gave me a good laugh because I could see it all.

Your art well that is something else entirely.

Thank you.

Love Renee

Sandi McBride said...

Ah the soul of a poet! I like you!!
Over from David's and congrats on the POst of the Day mention...

tam said...

ha. Mine also jumps like that when i roar unexpectedly.
Beautiful post. I know just what you mean about that that light shock, sun shock. Arguably, you need to be away from a place to write about it with such lyrical longing. Distance makes you know it more. Keep painting. Gorgeous.

Anna Lefler said...

Good God - you are also a Freddie Mercury enthusiast?!?! Could you BE any cooler? (And by that I mean more like me...?)


Some dudes just don't appreciate a good bellow.

Hope your homesickness passes soon...



Miranda said...

Oooh, I'll go to Barcelona with you

Lori ann said...

me too, what everyone else said. you are a lovely poet, a hilarious writer, and a beautifully talented painter! love you!
xx lori

kellys color studio - Kelly Cameron said...

Oh Tessa you really make me smile, as I have just recently purchased the music of Freddy Mercury and Montserrat Cabelle...and Barcelona is my favorite!

Irene said...

I am suddely, since January the first, without an internet connection. I have managed to write a post and am about to write an othet one. Please don't forget me. I miss you guys and your posts and your comments.

Love, Irene

Anonymous said...

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