Thursday 4 December 2008

The Moon and Sibilance

The moon
at noon
...or soon thereafter

I see the moon
And the moon sees me
God bless the moon
And God bless me

And you, too.

Watching that moony sideways smile as it drifted inexorably across a winter blue sky yesterday made me think of other moons in other places. (I know, I know - it’s still the same moon…..but it feels different, y’know?)

Ah yes, I’ve seen the moon…..

...lay a path of slithery silver mercury across the silent, star-splashed waters of Lake Turkana.

...slip sedately below the western horizon to make way for a sun that rose like fireball over the blond savannah and flat topped acacias on a Christmas morning in Kidepo.

...turn the dragon toothed crags and deep gorges of the Rwenzori into slender silhouette

...paint curling wisps of smoke with a celestial glow as they spiralled up from a night time valley in the Cameroon.

...bathe the Byzantine domes and spires of Istanbul in lustrous streams of shimmery light.

...slide silently over a desolate landscape of whispered songlines

...clad herself in cold gold gossamer above a snow-shrouded midnight Manhattan

...and shed her cloak of cloud over the Gulf of Acaba

Rereading what I’ve just written makes me want to title this post The Moon and Sibilance. In fact, I shall do just that!

What moon have you seen in other places?


The W.O.W. factor! said...

Oh Tessa, I love how you can ‘transport’ me to those places through your words!
I never travel, yet you make it possible!
Thank you.

tam said...

Beautiful, beautiful post, thank you! Full moon rise on the Luangwa bridge. If you stop the car and switch off the engine and feel the warm air on your face as the evening scents are released, sometimes, if the timing is right, you get the moon rise on one side of the bridge, and the sunset on the other - magical symmetry. For the next few days, when the moon rises after dark, it's a fat tangerine, and it takes my breath away every time.

Pipany said...

Such a lovely post Tessa and thank you for visiting my blog. xx

Unknown said...

HOw beautiful your post and your poetry and prose! I have seen the moon in other places, but would not be able to express it like that, perhaps in a painting:)

Thanks for sharing

karen said...

How amazing.. the moon photos are just stunning, and the words...

with thanks from a moon-worhsipper further south:-)

Renee said...


I don't think I have ever used the word exquisite. But I think it is called for here.

You touched me.

Love Renee

blogthatmama said...

I'm looking at a very low Yorkshire moon shining on the remnants of the snow, desperately hoping that the white stuff will last until tomorrow so that football training will be cancelled! Nothing like a big African moon though, enjoyed your post. Blogthatmamax

FCP said...

Lovely post, Tessa. I find myself gazing at the moon at times when my children have traveled far away. Missing them, I find comfort in knowing their moon must appear similar to mine--then I don't feel so far away.

lucy said...

You have captivated me with your words, your art and your photos. I shall return often for more of them all. Thank you!