Wednesday 18 March 2009

Kitchen Capers

When I lived in Africa, we only had two seasons. One was the rainy season and the other was….er…..the un-rainy season, I suppose. Nobody I knew there would ever start a conversation with “Hello, nice and sunny today, eh?” Here in England, however, the weather is the reigning monarch of a repertoire of small-talk, representing an opening gambit and a focus of almost any conversation. Here is mine!

There is a palpable feeling of fecundity in the air these fine spring days. The bees are buzzing busily, birds are trilling most melodiously and fluffy, long legged lambs are leaping with unbridled energy. You can almost hear the bud laden garden popping into glorious bloom.

I plunked a big white jug of daffodils on the kitchen table this morning and the sunlight streaming through the windows lit them like jewels. Looking around my gaily coloured ‘playroom’ - so named by my daughters because of the plethora of gaudy bric-a-brac which is there to entertain me while I cook – I felt like doing a grand jeté of pure delight! I’ve caught the weather-bug and I’m loving it!

Come with me, then, as I take you on a spring kitchen caper....

My spring jewels.

A butterfly I found at Longleat.

Goose and bantam eggs too pretty to use.
(They are about 3 years old now!)

In memory of bantam collection devoured by a hungry fox

Infused oils from France, another chook and a home-grown squash.

A bug.

Gekos from Haiti

A musical cockerel.

And a Bollywood accompaniment

A flying cow

And a crab swinging from the rafters

A little library

Weights and measures designed and stitched by Granny Claire

Ubank and his entourage

My safari kettle

A Ugandan bird

Toucan swing

Ridiculous, isn't it? But, hey, it's spring!


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, spring fever for sure. There is no known cure I'm afraid.

You will just have to endure the smiling, inside and out, the spring in your step.

Walks in the warm fresh air, taking in the smells of blossoms new, will help to ease the strong feelings - those of pure excitement that spring is here and life begins a new!

Thanks for the colourful tour of your collection of fun bits - all with stories and no doubt fond memories.

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Can I come live with you:) I'm good for something(lol)

Beautiful images, and a perfect teaser for Spring, Tessa. Thank you for the tour of your delightful kitchen.

Rosaria Williams said...

Lovely tour of the things you carried home from all the places that touched your soul. Your family must be forever grateful for your shopping gene.

There are many reasons to shop. Among the most satisfying, the exchange of culture.

Debra Keirce said...

Thank you for sharing Tessa! I feel like I've just visited your home.

Leola - Southshoreartist said...

So much colour!!! A girl after my own heart! I could never live in a neutral world... By the way..I'd kill for the cow pic by the geckos.

Here we have 4 seasons:
Almost winter
Still Winter
Road Construction

SG said...

Very beautiful.... you carry a treasure with you!

Irene said...

Your kitchen seems like a wonderful place to hang out at. All those treasures you've got! And with my Dutch housewife eyes, I see that everything is squeaky clean. Oh yes, I do notice things like that.


Maithri said...

I love it!!

Yes the rainy and the 'un-rainy' seasons... lol

Glad to hear its spring where you are...

Theres a quote from John O'Donohue which i love so much... I think it says a lot about the world in which we live...

"When one little flower blooms, Spring Awakens everywhere."

Heres to blooming my friend and for all the gentle love you give the world,

All my love to you and yours,


karen said...

What a divinely beautiful kitchen! I just love it, as well as the little story behind each item.

Spring is glorious over there.. no wonder you feel like doing not only an ordinary old jete, but a grand one!!

Patiently waiting for Rainy Season to end, here. (Never daring to complain about rain, of course!)

A Cuban In London said...

Oh, yes, it's spring! One of my two favourite seasons (the other one being autumn). I smiled when I read the caption 'flying cow'. It lends itself to so many interpretations. It's true that Brits have a funny relationship with the weather. It's a nice ice-breaker in conversations over here.

I loved all your picture but the one with the eggs was my favourite. It looked so neat, so tidy, you're right, those eggs should not be consumed.

Many thanks.

Greetings from London.

pink dogwood said...

love it - love your geckos. Also, I didn't know eggs could stick around for this long.

lucy said...

Such whimsy! I wish spring would get here. We keep getting a tease and then winter returns. It can be so depressing!

soulbrush said...

nothing ridiculous about these characters, what a flair you have.thanks so much for popping in to visit me now and then tessa. hey whats the sa blog thingie on your sidebar?

Yoli said...

Oh how I would love to have tea with you dear lady!

Jinksy said...

What a wonderful collection of colourful delights...

Renee said...

Wow now that was a trip to a kitche that I have never seen before. I love it.

Your playroom is so full of life and energy.

I love the kitchen and more.... I love the cook who cooks in that kitchen.


Love Renee

Linda Sue said...

Spring boing boing in your world perhaps...we are still under a cloud, rain nearly snow very cold, windy...sorry but your daffys just pissed me off...

I had a couple of lovely goose eggs for about two years- I left them in the window - the sun made a rare appearance. BOOM SPLAT! rotten egg exploded everywhere ! Pretty nasty. It will be spring here one day.

Your kitchen is my cuppa tea!

Zion Girl said...

Yeah.......Spring is here too in Zion Canyon in America. It is often hard for me to say goodbye to the winter wonderland. Thank you for the lovely tour of your cute collections.

Anonymous said...

So colourful and cheery!

Rosaria Williams said...

I had to return to such a warm place. Meeting mutual friends doesn't hurt, either.

Sheila Vaughan said...

Tessa ! How are you doing? I really enjoyed the tour of your "play room" - all those interesting goodies. I especially liked the Safari kettle :-D but then I am always drinking tea!

pRiyA said...

Tessa, you have a lovely home too! Each and every one of these objects is so unique and beautiful.
And such colour! I love the daffodils! The splash of yellow they bring to a room just brightens up a day.

Bee said...

Spring is the most joyous month for me. I feel a fizz that I just don't get during the rest of the year.

But Tessa, in that gloriously colorful and whimsical kitchen you are bound to feel cheerful all year long!

Beth Kephart said...

Might I come over for a chat?


Cindy said...

Your home, and subsequently your blog, are full of so much color and warmth. It's inspiring to say the least! Enough to make me look forward to Spring even here in chilly Chicago, where weather is also the topic of every conversation :)

Sunita Mohan said...

What an absolutely fun, fun, fun room! No wonder your daughter calls it your playroom :D
I love each and every one of those collectibles that you've got in your kitchen. With goodies like those around, I may even start to enjoy cooking!

Anna Lefler said...

What a magical, fantastic home you have! Love it!

Hope all is well with you...



Fantastic Forrest said...

Tessa, What fun things you have! They all seem like little friends, especially the chickens.

I came over to visit after seeing you at Bee's blog. I'll be back to check out more of your interesting and beautiful posts.

Lori ann said...

Tessa! wait for me, i want to come to your playroom too! it's full of color and life and love and i'm sensing a true reflection of the wonderfully lovely you. I have just one question, where is one of your own paintings??
what a great,fun,cheerful post. Happy Spring!

The W.O.W. factor! said...

Did I hear "all aboard"?? Wait for me!!!
I want Spring beauty in my house too! Thanks for adding so many colorful sunlit delights to the Irises of my eyes!
I love your idea of starting a conversation!
Bright and cheery and fun!
But Tessa...really? 3 years old? those eggs? They don't smell? be careful not to drop one unless you already depleted it's inners!
I am so not surprised at anything you showed us of your home! I still have that vision of your room when I first landed here! And your studio. They all reflect the quiet, peaceful, generous and warmth of your soul. I believe if I met you in a listening to you and watching your moves..I'd recognize you!! You are one amazing Lady!
Many Hugs~