Saturday 5 June 2010





Time is a brisk wind, for each hour it brings something new... but who can understand and measure its sharp breath, its mystery and its design?  ~Paracelsus

Yes, Paracelsus, I couldn't agree more.  How serendipitous, then, than the NaBloPoMo theme for June 2010 is NOW.  Time is running out and I'm trying like a crazy person to keep up with it.  You know the kind of thing - too many pots on the boil and you can't see through the steam?

Although I'm reading, painting and photographing like fury, I haven't been writing. Nothing, nada, zilch.  My blog has taken a back seat as well - and I miss that wonderful bloggy camaraderie very much indeed.  Those connections and exchanges are  precious grist for the writing mill.  Yeah, I have tip-toed very quietly into all the blogs I love whenever I can, but I seldom leave a comment nowadays. I think that's because I've felt absolutely overwhelmed by the sheer quality of  what is written, painted, photographed out there in the blogsphere and that any remark I make while in the grip of this weird brain fug would would be superfluous and trite.  So I just chickened out.   It is time now to change all that.  June 2010 will become my 'writing month' in every possible way.  Blogging, works-in-progress, exchanges with friends, poetry maybe....

It's a bit like getting back onto a surfboard again - so for the moment brevity is key until I get my balance right.   I will attempt to excite your judgement briefly rather than to inform it tediously.  (Thanks, Francis Bacon...I think.)

Needless to say I'm already 5 days late with this task but it's an auspicious day to begin again.  Happy Birthday, Guy.  We've come a long way, baby!

booch.watamu Watamu, Kenya

I met Guy under a Land Rover. It was his big hiking boots I saw first and when the rest of him emerged, I was struck by how brown and untamed he looked. I liked the red spotted bandana he wore round his neck and the sinewy muscle of his chest and arms. I liked his black unruly hair and those green eyes that looked so directly into mine. When he spoke, I laughed because he sounded so English and that wasn’t what I expected at all.

First grandson First grandson



Lori ann said...

Happy Birthday to your handsome Guy!
sweet Tessa, do you not know that your gifts ~posts, paintings, cookbook and comments will last me the rest of my life?
we are all (zuri,diamond and i) worried only about your health and want you to be okay. okay?

hugs and love galore,

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Such lovely photographs of your handsome man. Happy Birthday to him!
Thinking warm thoughts your way and wishing you well! Edward, too.

Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

What a beautiful man you took to your heart! And, seems to me he excelled in his choice as well!

Be well and strong dear Tessa. Every word you share is treasured.

Cynthia Pittmann said...

What a lovely atmosphere you have created here, Tessa. I appreciate all that you offer just by being yourself- such a charming creative soul! I'm glad you have loving people who surround you in life!

Linda Sue said...

"getting back on the surfboard" would not have been my choice of metaphor - getting back on - never BEEN on! but then , there you go- so many things I let slide and now at age 63 I am afraid i can not go back - the visual of me on a surfboard is hilarious- I am sure that you would look mighty natural, you and your beautiful husband- surfing tandem, bronzed by the African sun, nourished by the sea...ahhh lovely, Ms. Tessa...Glad that you are back in Blogland- missed you! Plenty!

Angela said...

Dearest Tessa, I love you and feel I belong to your blogland crowd. Still wish to welcome you and Guy here! I nod to everything your other pals said. It is okay if you have no time to blog, we feel you anyway. And we are sending our bundled good wishes for your health!!

xxx said...

Lovely to see you here again.
I too hope that you are in good health again.

I very much enjoy all that you share.

best wishes
Robyn x

Jinksy said...

I love the picture of the generation gap! :)

Tessa said...

Thank you, my golden Califorian friend for your Guy birthday wishes. He waves happily to you across that pond. And don't you worry one bit - all will be well. Love you big time, girl. xxxx

Pamela - and Edward of course - thank you, too, for the b'day wishes and especially for your warm, wonderful and hugely welcomed comments on my posts. Lifts a girl's heart, it does!

Bonnie - I would love to be able to fling my arms around you in a big bear hug! Your words are like a song that lingers gently in one's mind.

Cynthia - thank you very much for taking the time to stop by. I've been a rotten blogpal, I know, but I do follow your news on FB and read your eloquent blog whenever I have the chance. Sending flurries of love to you.

Linda Sue - see what you've done? Yet again I've spluttered my Rooibos all over the keyboard! I love that you make me laugh so hard - you are supershiningstar. Bless you, girlfriend. And hey, it's never too late to surf! Try a boogie board - no balance needed. Just grab it and go.

Angela - you are very much a part of that extra special group of blogpals...and always will be. In blogland AND in real life, too! I'm going to try my hardest to get doc's okay to come visit you in September so we can all walk along YOUR beach together. xx

Robyn - you sweetheart, thank you so much for popping in! I do tiptoe into your place from time to time because I like to keep up with your news. Next time I come, I'll make much more noise, okay?!

Hi there Jinksy! Scary/exciting, isn't it?!

L'Adelaide said...

yes, i would have been mesmerized too as he looks quite like my own "30 something" spouse, with an american accent ' for the comments, my most sweet, no worries, i feel your presence, tis a big one you know :)

and this grandboy, what a cutie, i bet you want to just eat him when you snuggle into his sweet neck - know how that feels and much love to you, be good, i sense mischief in between your syllables ♥

Yoli said...

Oh my goodness he is very handsome indeed! I hope he has a Wonderful Birthday!!!! The picture with the grandson touched my heart.